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Socio-economic intervention
  • A new scientific area to open up : Management engineering

A study of phenomena and an experiment in effective techniques making it possible to conveniently implant an innovative type of management adapted to the specific context of any given firm or organization, a shift in technology, a new activity on a new product, a new trade, new skills : TOTAL QUALITY in short.

Intervention process aimed at implanting a stimulative type of management.

So as to control dysfunctions and convert hidden costs in value-added creation, it is necessary to carry out a series of participative and synchronized actions throughout the enterprise (or a large institution) exacting for all the players in the field (from the CEO down to middle management, employees and workers) and equal to the environmental challenges: higher competencies and more sophisticated, initiative and technologies responsibility taking, renewal of product range improvement in internal and external communications-coordination-cooperation…

Rigorous methods, programmed, piloted and evaluated


  1. Methods adapted to small and medium sized firms, large industries , major service enterprises, non-profit making organizations and public activities.
  2. Participative socio-economic diagnosis
  3. Hidden costs and performance evaluation methods
  4. Participative research methods with a view to reducing dysfunctions and to selecting performance improvement actions
  5. Qualimetric evaluation method (Qualitative, quantative and financial) of phenomena and significant indicators for firms and organizations, to pilot actions, teams and people.
  6. Socio-economic performance evaluation method

The socio-economic intervention is:

PROGRESSIVE : the overall organization of the firm keeps pace with its activity and with its adjustment capacity,

organizing the intervention carefully makes it possible to conduct an efficient strategy of change,

with the participation of the players in the field, according to qualitative, quantitative, financial criteria,

the basic intervention method is completed by a plan of action devices and methods adapted to the firm or organization considered and its context

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