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Professional SEGESE - Windows System
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The expert socio-economic management system for companies, consultants, teachers
• SEGESE is a software package created and developed by ISEOR to help improve intervening staff's productivity and work quality, while accelerating the transmission of know-how and of the ISEOR knowledge base.
• This software package is a genuine decisional aid tool for consultants and intervening staff and is based on advanced artificial intelligence techniques.
Il was devised in 1985 by Henri Savall, Véronique Zardet, and Nouria Harbi then developed with the ISEOR team.
• These applications aim at consultants and companies trained in the socio-economic management approach.
• CEPA software* enables researchers to check their own texts before submittal for publication in reviews and helps reporters’ more easily assess articles submitted to revue "Recherches en Sciences de Gestion - Management Sciences - Ciencias de Gestión".

Professional SEGESE under Windows version 3.01 software is a successful and friendly tool:

This version allows the user to realize an in-depth diagnosis that is:

Create and impute quotes, from semi-directive interviews modify the operated imputations,
Edit, the obtained diagnosis,
Edit, the convergences-specificities tables,
Edit, the key ideas through extraction of the knowledge base.


Professional SEGESE works on IBM PC's microcomputer
type, it requires:

Processor Intel Pentium 32 bits or equivalent,
Microsoft ® Windows ® on 2000 with Service Pack 4, Windows Server ® on 2003 and 2008; professional Windows XP, Family Edition(Publishing) or Edition(Publishing) Tablet PC with Service Pack 2 or 3; Windows Vista ® Basic(Basal) Family Edition(Publishing), Premium Family Edition(Publishing), Complete Edition(Publishing), Professional or Company with or without Service Pack Mo de RAM ( recommended 256 Mb) available 335 Mb free disk space
A CD-ROM drive
An available USB port
Access Microsoft on 2000 or later

Professional SEGESE is protected by a electronic system key ( DONGLE) which integrates a meter of the number of realized uses.


It is the object of a specific contract elaborated at the time of the sale of the operating license.


Every software allows to realize a number of diagnoses determined at the time of the contract. Price lists will be communicated on simple demand sent in secretariat.general@iseor.com

Interface simple Windows and friendly

The interface of Professional SEGESE under Windows is simple, she will allow you to realize diagnoses with the maximum of efficiency. The use of the interface Windows thus facilitates the use of the software, and increases your productivity.

The SEGESE software in the course of development

SEGESE Costs Hidden under Windows

Presentation / objectives

SEGESE Hidden Costs professional under Windows is a software which allows to automate the processing of the calculations of " Hidden Costs " based on the socioeconomic analysis and the methodology.
This method created and developed by Professor Henri Savall and its research team of the ISEOR contains a phase of measure of the hidden costs, the financial consequences, that is, dysfunctions which affect hits the global performance of companies and organizations of all kinds.




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