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The new research program Tetranormalization

Numerous international researchers think about the problems which puts the interaction of the standards between them...

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Any company or organization live in an environment characterized by the regular emergence of new standards and norms today in which it would be advisable, at first sight, that it conforms. The decision-maker-strategist of a company or an Organization is in situation of permanent potential breach since he does not respect such or such standard.
He is consequently, forced to manage the risks inherent to these non-compliances.
We can consider that the "raison d'être" of standards and norms is to fix rules of the game for the human, social, economic and cultural activities. This normative environment is particularly fragmented today. Every pole of standards and norms exercise a centrifugal force.

Furthermore, we observe a parallel acceleration of the proliferation and the lapsing of standards and norms.
The volume of standards and norms increase but they become more quickly obsolete.
Two points of view are in confrontation. That of the normalizer who considers the relevance of its standards and who is attached to their respect including by attaching it an incentive, coercive or repressive dimension. That of the CEO who has to arbitrate between sometimes contradictory standards and norms, sources of visible or hidden costs for his/her Organization.
From the strict point of view of the efficiency in the allowance and the resource management, the multiplicity of the normalizations is a source of dysfunctions.

  • French Language Tetranormalization
  • New programme for the next 10 years

The French language Tetranormalization network is comprised of
• Academics, professors from higher business schools, intervening researchers, etc.
• An extensive network covering the whole of France
• 13 towns represented

17 partner universities and business schools:
• Kedge, Bordeaux & Marseille
• CNAM, Paris
• HEC business school
• University of Franche Comté
• Catholic University of Lyon
• University of Corsica
• Jean Moulin Lyon 3 University
• Montpellier 1 University
• Montpellier 2 University
• Montpellier 3 University
• University of Nice
• University of Orléans
• University of Paris Dauphine
• University of Pau and the Adour region
• University of Poitiers
• University of Strasbourg
• IAS, AGRH, AFC, AFM, ADERSE: in each academic association, a Tetranormalization work group is set up with network members.

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